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The complete line of BAROID Industrial drilling grouts, fluids, and development additives.

Product Name Purpose Description
AQUA-CLEAR™ AE Bacteria slime remover Liquid blend of acids and acid enhancers
AQUA-CLEAR™ MGA Scale remover Granular acid and additives
AQUA-CLEAR™ MSR Sediment/mud/clay remover Granular phosphate blended with dispersants
AQUA-CLEAR™ PFD Dispersant/Mud remover Liquid polymer dispersant
AQUAGEL GOLD SEAL® Gelant/Viscosifier Sodium bentonite (untreated-200 mesh)
AQUAGUARD® (30% solids) Subsurface grouting material One-sack sodium bentonite grout (granular-30 mesh)
BAROID® Bentonite Pellets Sealing and plugging agent Sodium bentonite pellets (untreated-1/4", 3/8", 1/2")
BENSEAL® (Granular) Sealing and plugging agent Coarse ground, granular sodium bentonite (8-mesh)
CON DET® Wetting agent Water soluble surfactant blend
DRILFOAM® Foaming agent Biodegradable foaming agent
EZ-MUD® DP Viscosifier/Borehole Stabilizer PHPA liquid polymer emulsion (high molecular weight)
EZ-MUD® PLUS Borehole Stabilizer/Viscosifier PHPA dry polymer
HOLEPLUG® (Bentonite Chips) Sealing and plugging agent Sized-graded sodium bentonite (3/8")
MAGMA FIBER Acid soluble lost circulation material and Sweep Material Extrusion spun mineral fiber
N-SEAL™ Acid soluble lost-circulation material Extrusion spun mineral fiber
POLY-BORE™ Borehole stabilizing agent PHPA dry polymer (high molecular weight)
QUIK-GEL® High-yield gelant/viscosifier High yield treated sodium bentonite
QUIK-GROUT™ (20% solids) Subsurface grouting material One-sack sodium bentonite grout (granular)
QUIK-TROL® LV Filtration control Low viscosity dry cellulosic polymer
Soda Ash pH adjustment/water softener Sodium carbonate



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