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Horizontal Directional Drilling Industry

We stock over 1 million pounds of muds, polymers, and specialized drilling fluids for the HDD industry, plus screens and  HDPE conduit for horizontal environmental wells.

Product Name Purpose Description
AQUACLEAR™ PFD Dispersant Liquid polymer dispersant
BIO-BORE Horizontal directional drilling fluid concentrate Clay-free, biodegradable drilling fluid
BORE-GEL Horizontal boring fluid One-sack boring fluid system for use in HDD
CON DET® Wetting agent Water soluble surfactant blend
DIAMOND SEAL Absorbent Polymer for Lost Circulation Crystalline synthetic polymer
DINOMUL Wellbore stabilizing fluid Water based fluid, easy to mix
EZ-MUD® PLUS Borehole Stabilizer/Viscosifier PHPA liquid polymer emulsion (high molecular weight)
MAGMA FIBER Acid soluble lost circulation material and Sweep Material Extrusion spun mineral fiber
N-SEAL™ Acid soluble lost-circulation material Extrusion spun mineral fiber
NO-SAG Biopolymer Gel Strength Enhancer Free-flowing, powdered biopolymer
PENETROL Rate of Penetration Enhancer Water miscible drilling fluid additive
POLY-BORE Borehole stabilizing agent PHPA dry polymer (high molecular weight)
QUIK-TROL® LV Filtration control Low viscosity dry cellulosic polymer
Soda Ash pH adjustment/water softener Sodium carbonate



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