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IES Drilling Supplies is the largest drilling supplies distributor in the Midwest. We have over 2 million pounds of Bentonite products and additives on the floor, and miles of environmental screen and casing. We are MASTER DISTRIBUTORS for Baroid, Morris, and Alloy. We have loads in motion 7 days a week, 24 hours a day moving across the nation.  We Supply...

  1. The Water Well Industry
  2. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Industry
  3. Environmental and Remediation
  4. Excavating
  5. Agricultural
  6. IES Exclusive Products
  7. Geothermal

exclusive products

IES Drilling Supplies is the exclusive manufacturer of the world's only watertight monitoring well manholes, Piezoperfect locking plugs, and aluminum anodized pro-covers.  These are some of the most advanced well security products on the market.


All of our products may be shipped nationwide, and we offer reasonably priced freight on all products. Some products are eligible for freight-free shipping�contact our main office at (800) 388-2906 for more details.

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